DNC ad: Man, Mitt Romney was like a mean, aggressive bulldozer, wasn't he?

Just in case we needed another indicator of how thoroughly Mitt Romney trounced President Obama during the first presidential debate last night, the following is among the first post-debate videos put out by the Republican National Committee.

Daaang. Romney was not messing around. This next one, meanwhile, is one of the first post-debate videos posted by their counterparts at the Democratic National Convention.

Wow, guys — is that the best thing you could put together? That’s kind of… pathetic. I mean, it’s fitting, granted that Obama’s weaksauce, populist rhetoric sounded so feeble and petty when it finally met Mitt Romney’s free-market, pro-growth message face-to-face, but immediately going after the other candidate for his debating style — rather than the content of what he said — tells us pretty much everything we need to know about who won the debate and why.

Also, somebody sure as heck needed to call out Jim Lehrer. He did a pretty poor job keeping the debate in line, and helped Obama along more than once. Even with all the ‘rambling’ and ‘interrupting’ the DNC points to Romney having done with this ad, Obama still had more overall speaking time than Mitt Romney did. How much less would Romney have been afforded if he hadn’t jumped in?

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Jazz Shaw 5:01 PM on March 22, 2023