Videos: Paul Ryan is totally ready for his close-up

Jazz already posted speech excerpts and some past videos of Paul Ryan’s prosperity-promotin’ badassery, but just for good measure and if you’re not yet feeling the excitement, here are a few more.

Below is the full video of Romney and Ryan rolling out the Comeback Team earlier this morning — I think Ryan might’ve been a tad bit nervous at first, but overall a very assuring speaker, no?

Solid. So, on to a some flashbacks: Remember that time Ryan absolutely tore ObamaCare to shreds, right to President Obama’s face? That was fun.

So bold, so brash. And then there was the time Paul Ryan annihilated President Obama’s proposals to hike taxes on the wealthy, in about ninety seconds.

In a nutshell, the Democrats’ class-warmongering amounts to not even a drop in the bucket of bringing down our national deficit, and would do untold harm to economic growth to boot. Kind of makes it all the more galling that hiking taxes on the wealthy is pretty much Obama’s central campaign platform right now, doesn’t it?

And if you’re looking for further proof of Paul Ryan’s excellent fiscal, economic, and budgetary expertise, you’ll enjoy this little takedown.

Yep, I’d say we can definitely work with that — and how!