Distractions: House 1/6 committee leaks *possible* records demand on Congress, Trump

Do you think someone’s anxious to change the subject in this news cycle? Early this morning, CNN reported that their anonymous sources on the January 6 committee — controlled and almost entirely staffed by House Democrats — plan to demand telecom records related to members of Congress and Trump White House figures. Not that they have demanded those records, but … that they plan to do so.

Gee, why would House Democrats want to leak this information about Donald Trump and Republicans now? Hmmmmmm

The House Select Committee investigating the deadly January 6 riot is set to request that a group of telecommunications companies preserve the phone records of a group of GOP members of Congress and former President Donald Trump, as well as members of the Trump family, who played some role in the “Stop the Steal” rally that served as the prelude to the Capitol insurrection.

The records request is the first step in the committee’s investigatory process and could signal the direction they plan to go when they call witnesses.

It is unclear what means the committee will use to compel the telecommunications companies to cooperate with their request. The committee does have subpoena power, but requesting the information — especially from members of Congress — could lead to a lengthy legal battle.

The committee decided against making public the names of the lawmakers whose records they are targeting, three sources told CNN. But multiple sources familiar with the committee’s work have confirmed for CNN at least part of list including many of the members of Congress included in the request.

Ahem. Is this really news? Going after the telecom records was always going to be a potential strategy. According to this report, the committee hasn’t even yet taken any action in that direction, but merely that they’re “set to request” the records. Even as a trial balloon, it’s half-inflated at best. Get back to us when they actually issue a subpoena.

As a subject-changer, it’s … not much better either. It’s a desperate attempt by House Democrats to put the riot back to the top of the headlines and distract the media from Joe Biden and his disastrous disgrace in Afghanistan. The leaks themselves remind us just how political and manipulative this committee is and will be in the future. A serious commission, properly balanced and run by people no longer in political office, would simply keep their heads down and let their actions speak for themselves. This committee operates on the basis of how much interference they can run for Democrats in the midterms, and for Biden if he runs for re-election, by with distractions from their current performance.

They’d better try a lot harder if they want to distract voters from the fact that Biden and his Democratic administration has abandoned Americans behind Taliban lines. This effort is laughable at best.