NRA opener in Georgia: Why is Warnock laughing at self-defense for churchgoers?

NRA opener in Georgia: Why is Warnock laughing at self-defense for churchgoers?

It’s a couple of days old, and it’s not quite the bombshell that the NRA’s political-action arm claims, but it’s a start. Earlier oppo-research releases about Raphael Warnock regarding an arrest for obstructing a child-abuse case, allegedly participating in a Fidel Castro rally, and vocal defense of Jeremiah Wright’s “God damn America” sermon made the Democratic senatorial nominee look more toxic in Georgia.

This more or less falls into traditional progressive argument, at least in the thought centers of Democrats, akin to claims that Acts of the Apostles endorses socialism. The NRA does make the most of Warnock’s one-liner disparaging carry permits at church, though:

As Western Journal recounts, there are at least a couple of cases in which armed citizens have come to the aid of victims of church shootings. Less than a year ago, a shooter in a Texas church got shot down before he could kill any more than the two people that had already been murdered. It took six seconds for five armed congregants to draw their weapons and return fire, stopping the threat almost instantly and proving that responsible carry practices can and do save lives — even in churches.

The reason this falls short of a bombshell has nothing to do with the NRA’s presentation. They really do wring as much as they can out of this short clip, but Warnock’s derision is really based on mainstreamish progressive-Democratic derision of carry practices in general, not extremism of the degree found in earlier clips. Still, it should have impact on Warnock’s claims of being a moderate, and it will fire up Second Amendment advocates. Just because there are bigger and more impactful oppo-research releases doesn’t mean others can’t be effective too, after all. There is a cumulative impact that should definitely be considered.

If the NRA managed to dig this up, one has to wonder whether they have better clips down the road, too. It’s been a bit quiet on the oppo-research front in Georgia since the initial spate of stories made headlines. One has to believe that the GOP hasn’t shot its entire Warnock quiver yet.

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