Reality TV: Why is CBS giving a platform to Winner?

A “conscience-driven whistleblower,” or someone who manipulated the trust placed in her to conduct her own politics? A naïve functionary in an intelligence job, or a traitor who pledged to support Iran in case of war? CBS wants to open up all these questions again about Reality Winner after having received a five-year sentence under the Espionage Act and her public statement of alignment with the Iranian mullahs.

Don’t expect a hard-hitting interview here. The CBS This Morning panel asks Winner if she regrets her actions (“Deeply” is the response), but otherwise it’s one softball after another. The interview is set to a montage of photographs from Winner’s life showing her as a carefree teenager and young adult, apparently to showcase what a great all-American girl she used to be.

How many all-American young adults stand with the Iranian mullahs and their terror state? Just asking, because apparently no one at CBS wants to do so:

The Georgia jail cut off the interview, in what should be seen as an act of charity to CBS.

Contrast this with another case in the news this morning. George Garofano got eight months in prison yesterday for hacking celebrity iCloud accounts, after which their intimate cellphone pictures got distributed. He’s lucky to only have gotten eight months; one of his co-conspirators got 18 months, and both should have done more time. They cut deals to avoid trials, admitting guilt on the hacking, although no one’s still quite sure who was involved in the distribution of the photos:

Garofano was the last of the suspects to be sentenced in the case. Each of the suspects took a plea deal or pleaded guilty to one count of unauthorized access to a protected computer to obtain information. …

Investigators have said they did not find any evidence linking the four suspects to the actual leaks or showing they shared or uploaded the information. …

The suspects in this case received relatively short sentences compared to the one handed down in another high-profile celebrity hacking scandal.

In 2011, a Florida man hacked several celebrity email accounts, stealing nude photos, scripts and personal information. His targets included actresses Scarlett Johansson and Mila Kunis and singer Christina Aguilera.

Christopher Chaney pleaded guilty to accessing protected computers without authorization, damaging protected computers, wiretapping and aggravated identity theft. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

So … when will CBS offer a softball jail interview to Garofano or to Chaney? After all, they also stole information which didn’t belong to them for their own personal gain, whether that be politics or prurience. I’m certain their families could dig up lots of photos of them looking like all-American teens and young adults, too. They could even offer some of the same tired clichés Winner does in this CBS interview about being kinder to people as some kind of redemptive mantra.

Winner got five years in prison for stealing information about national security to satisfy her own outrage over the election. She’s tried manipulating people all along, claiming that she’d get bail because she’s “pretty, white, and cute,” and that she would “braid her hair and cry” in court to get it. Winner also told her mother that she’d “go nuclear to the press” if that didn’t work. Why any press outlet would want to play along with this manipulative, treasonous felon is beyond understanding, even in the era of reality TV.