Open thread: NFL's "Color Rush" series mercifully comes to an end

The NFL decided to spice up their Thursday Night Football offerings this year on their in-house cable channel, given that they have been plagued by poor matchups or featured playoff-irrelevant teams. Instead of trying to improve either of those two areas, this year they went with a marketing stunt called “Color Rush” — having teams wear brightly colored monochromatic uniforms. They forgot that men suffer disproportionately from color blindness, the most common of which involves trouble distinguishing between red and green — which must have been fun for viewers of the Bills/Jets game a few weeks ago. At the time, I remarked that it looked like a Sorry game with legs.

Tonight, we get red and yellow instead, as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers visit the St. Louis-soon-to-be-LA Rams. Excuse me, yellow gold Rams. Even coach Jeff Fisher’s put off by the spectacle:

Laurinaitis has also seen and heard the many jokes about what Thursday night’s game will look like to those watching. With the Buccaneers wearing all red and the Rams wearing all yellow, some have taken to calling it the “Condiment Bowl” featuring ketchup versus mustard. Others have called it the “Fruit Bowl” with apples taking on bananas. …

For his part, Rams coach Jeff Fisher is just happy that he doesn’t have to color rush as well.

“I said this to the team and I’ve oftentimes said this before, I’m just glad it’s not baseball where I have to wear the uniform as well,” Fisher said.

As silly as it might sound from the outside, players actually do enjoy the chance to put on some new threads and look a little different. The old “look good, feel good, play good” theory might actually have something behind it, according to Austin.

Please. It makes the owners and players feel good because it increases the marketing potential in jerseys. It’s the same reason that the NFL keeps playing in “throwback” jerseys, which teams first wore before fans started buying merchandise by the truckload. The Pittsburgh Steelers have the ugliest throwback jerseys in the league, but I’d bet they sell more than a few of them.

Anyway, tonight’s game features two sub-.500 teams that are going nowhere in the postseason — except for the Rams, who may be going back to Los Angeles. The line on this game has the Rams up by one point, but the Rams are only scoring 16 points a game. Tampa’s doing six points better, but their defense is giving up four more points a game than St. Louis. The Rams beat the Lions on Sunday to snap a five-game losing streak, but Tampa’s a little more consistent. I’ll take the ketchup on the hot dog tonight rather than the mustard and pick the Bucs to win, 21-17 (8:25 pm ET, NFL Network).

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