Video: Two House Dems want Pelosi out of leadership

Four years ago, when Nancy Pelosi lost the House majority in the first midterm elections of the Barack Obama presidency, few would have dared say this aloud. Even after a second straight midterm debacle, the resistance to another session of Congress with Pelosi at the helm of their caucus had Democrats complaining only sotto voce. Reality may have finally begun to sink into the consciousness of Pelosi’s colleagues, who now foresee a very dim future under her leadership. Two members of the Massachusetts delegation — a group not normally known for their centrism — told WGBH in Boston that sticking with Pelosi is a sure road to a permanent minority in Congress:


In a joint interview Tuesday, Reps. Stephen Lynch and Michael Capuano each told WGHB in Boston that they don’t believe Pelosi, the California Democrat who was House speaker from 2007 through early 2011 and has been minority leader since then, can help Democrats retake control of the chamber.

“I think we need leadership that understands if something you’re doing is not working, change what you’re doing,” Capuano said.

Asked if that means it’s time for Pelosi to go, he said: “That or she should change, one way or the other. We just lost more seats last cycle.”

Lynch was even more direct, saying: “Nancy Pelosi will not lead us back into the majority.”

That statement is more than a little ironic, considering what directly preceded it. The host of the show asked Lynch to assess Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate, leading to this exchange:

WGBH: She lost last time, right?

LYNCH: She did, and I supported her ’til the end.

WGBH: Why? Why is she the best candidate?

LYNCH: I think she’s the best qualified. I mean, Republican, Democrat, man, woman — she’s the best we’ve got. She really is. … She is the most capable, competent political leader that we have in the country today.

In the middle of that last statement, the WGBH host asked Lynch about Hillary’s e-mail server scandal, which Lynch shrugged off as Republican attempts to “embarrass” her. However, it’s clear that her communications got hacked, likely by a whole bunch of people, thanks to incompetent handling of security on the system, let alone the fact that its use violated the Federal Records Act. Furthermore, Lynch goes notably silent on evidence for this assessment. What accomplishments during her four years at State can Lynch cite that puts Hillary head and shoulders above every other political leader in the country? Libya? Iraq? Egypt? What did Hillary Clinton do in the Senate to make her into a giant among her peers?


Sounds like Lynch may have Raymond Shaw Syndrome:

Lynch and Capuano took more than four years to figure out that Nancy Pelosi had led House Democrats off a cliff. It may take them a while longer to figure it out with Hillary Clinton.

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