TEMS Friday: Guest-hosting for Hugh Hewitt!

It’s been a busy week for radio work, and we’ll end it in style! I will fill in for Hugh Hewitt on the Hugh Hewitt Show tonight, live from AM 1280 The Patriot studios in Minneapolis. We will have a great lineup of guests and regular contributors:

  • Official Movie Star of the Hugh Hewitt Show Clint Howard and I will discuss the NFL and Roger Goodell’s presser
  • Brian Westbury will talk about the Alibaba IPO and the latest economic indicators
  • Rep. John Campbell (R-CA) will discuss the ISIS bill passed by the House and Senate this week
  • Former House Intelligence chair Pete Hoekstra (R-MI) will discuss the intelligence issues arising from the ISIS threat, and the stand-down order in Europe
  • Tarzana Joe!

Plus, we’ll take your phone calls at 800-520-1234. Be sure to join the Hughniverse to watch the show live on streaming video, or tune in to your local Salem affiliate to hear it in the air, starting at 6 ET!