The Ed Morrissey Show: Kerry Picket, Lee Stranahan, Juliette "Baldilocks" Ochieng

Today on The Ed Morrissey Show (4 pm ET), Kerry Picket brings us up to date on the goings-on inside the nation’s capital. Lee Stranahan will then brief us on his trip to the Middle East to report on the plight of Syrian Christians, and tells us how we can help with the next phase of his project. In bonus minutes, Juliette “Baldilocks” Ochieng will discuss her new project to explore the subject of Christians in Kenya as well as the roots of enmity between Kenyans and Somalians, which played a big part in the recent news.  She’s also working on a second novelArlen’s Harem, and she’ll tell us how we can help with both.

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