Priebus: You're darned right that GOP will run against "European, socialist-style" ObamaCare

RNC chair Reince Priebus followed Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) on CNN’s State of the Union this morning to discuss the implications of the ObamaCare rollout for the 2o14 elections.  Clyburn, Candy Crowley told Priebus, said “You’re darned right that Democrats will run on ObamaCare” in the midterms, as she brought Priebus onto the show.  Preibus scoffed at that idea, noting that Democrats are now splitting on support for ObamaCare and the administration is trying to delay its consequences until after the election:

If Democrats are so eager to run on ObamaCare, Priebus asked, then why delay it at all? It’s just a tactic to get them through one more election cycle before the “train wreck — their words, not ours,” Priebus replied:

The real story lies in the Democratic Party’s own divisions over the law, he said, and its implemention will likely benefit Republicans in 2014.

“People know what Obamacare is,” Priebus said. “It’s European, socialist-style type health care and people don’t want it. I mean the real story here is the Democrats in the House and the Senate, the ones who are vulnerable and who want to get reelected, have turned their back on the president.”

“The cynical part of me says, ‘Keep it in place,’ so that we can run on it even more in 2014,” he added.

That might not be bad strategy, either. It could be wiser to allow the ACA to fail on its own by now than it would be to keep interfering with it, a strategy that has long odds on succeeding as long as Democrats control the Senate and the White House.

Jazz Shaw May 16, 2022 12:41 PM ET