Open thread: FBI press conference on Boston terror attack; Update: Only 2 bombs planted; Update: No known additional threats; Update: "No one is in custody"

They certainly should have plenty of questions to answer in the press conference starting momentarily. Expect plenty of questions about the “foreign” patient held as a “person of interest” at a local hospital for one, and more on the raid on an apartment in nearby Revere covered by local media overnight. Mostly, though, people want to know more details about the terrorist attack in Boston yesterday, at least to either confirm or discard rumors that began swirling in the immediate aftermath of the attack.


I’ll be live-blogging the conference, so keep refreshing the page for more updates in reverse-chronological order. I’ll try to find embed code for the presser as well.

In the meantime, ABC aired this “moment by terrifying moment” reconstruction earlier this morning. Update: The scripting caused errors, so I’ll just send people to the link.

Update: I’ve loaded this live embed code from NBC, but I’m not sure it’s correct. I’ll keep my eyes open for the correct code.

Update: Instead, I’ll load the WBZ News embed code. Hopefully that works better, although it’s not yet operating.

Update: Governor Deval Patrick started off the presser by emphasizing that only two explosive devices were planted yesterday. All other suspicious packages turned out not to be bombs.

Update: The CBS embed code is working better, so I’ve replaced the WBZ code above.

Update: The FBI statement didn’t tell us much that’s new — just that they are fully engaged in the investigation. The agent in charge did say that there are no other known threats. The ATF statement confirmed Patrick’s announcement, and asked for people to send them any video and pictures that people may have of the event.  Neither statement reveals much about leads. motives, or suspects.


Update: All agencies plead for patience and cooperation in the days ahead.  The latter should be assured; the former may be a lot more difficult.

Update: They’ve reduced the crime scene from 15 blocks to 12 blocks, and promise to “collapse” the crime scene as quickly as they can.

Update: The Boston PD will be significantly enhancing their presence in the city, but not because of any new threat data.  It’s there to promote cooperation and to comfort the people of Boston, according to the spokesman.

Update: The Suffolk County DA called it “an act of cowardice,” and said that such an act cannot be explained or justified — “only answered.”

Update: CBS News cut away in its broadcast, but it’s continuing on the web feed. The Q&A is taking place now, but there are a lot of “no comments” forthcoming at the moment.

Update: “No one is in custody,” one investigator says.  “This will be a worldwide investigation,” pledges another.

Update: The presser is over, and there is nothing scheduled for later today, either.  Not much of significance got discussed other than the number of devices and whether any suspects were officially in custody.  Still, these are valuable to gauge where the investigation is at the moment, and to reset expectations in the wake of the bombings.  I’d rather have officials overcommunicating than undercommunicating in these kinds of crises.


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