Team Romney raises $111.8 million -- in 17 days

Normally we’d have to wait until sometime in November to see how fundraising went for candidates in the last full month of the campaign.  The Romney campaign couldn’t quite contain their excitement over their numbers for October, however, and released the data earlier this morning.  The campaign, in conjunction with the RNC, raised $111.8 million … in just the first seventeen days of the month:

Today, Romney for President, Romney Victory, and the Republican National Committee announced fundraising totals of over $111.8 million from October 1 to October 17. The campaign, RNC and state party participants have approximately $169 million cash on hand.

The breakdown of the numbers is equally impressive:

FAST FACTS About Romney For President, Romney Victory, and RNC Fundraising:

  • Over $111.84 Million Raised Between October 1 And October 17
  • 91.72% Of All Donations Received Between October 1 And October 17 Were $250 Or Less
  • $38,172,228 Million Raised By Donations Under $250 Between October 1 And October 17
  • 794,958 Donations Received Under $250 Between October 1 And October 17
  • Approximately $169.04 Million Cash On Hand
  • Contributions Received From All 50 States And Washington, D.C.

Fox News reports on the significance of the cash haul:

The money raised — through a joint effort between the Republican National Committee and the campaign — will aide Romney in flooding the airwaves with ads during the final weeks of the campaign.

The total would suggest Romney is capitalizing off his strong debate performances, beginning in early October. Since then, crowd sizes at his rallies have grown and the polls have tightened.

I’d be surprised if Obama wasn’t pulling in a lot of money in the first part of the month, too, but I doubt it was this much.  Obama and Romney have both given up attending fundraisers to focus entirely on campaigning since around the middle of this month, so the donations will be slowing up for the final two weeks of October.  In seventeen days, though, Team Romney/RNC raised nearly as much as they did in all of September — and it’s difficult to believe that Romney’s dominating performance in the October 3rd debate didn’t have an impact on fundraising.  In more ways than one, Romney won the debate season, and now he has a big enough infusion of cash to dominate the airwaves in swing states if he so chooses.

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Jazz Shaw 1:01 PM on December 09, 2022