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What’s the one issue foremost on the minds of voters in this election cycle? The economy, and specifically job creation. Every poll shows that the economy is by far the predominant issue for the electorate, almost always with a majority. Barack Obama likes to accuse Mitt Romney of being out of touch, but at least the Republican challenger has built his  campaign to demonstrate that jobs and the economy are his central focus.  What does Obama think is the most important issue for a second term in office?  Here’s a hint — if you’re thinking “jobs,” you’re not getting warmer at all.  In fact, that’s not even his second pick (via the American Thinker):

Obama has an ambitious second-term agenda, which, at least in broad ways, his campaign is beginning to highlight. The President has said that the most important policy he could address in his second term is climate change, one of the few issues that he thinks could fundamentally improve the world decades from now. He also is concerned with containing nuclear proliferation.

Climate change, followed by nuclear proliferation?  The last time Gallup polled on election issues was in February, and climate change didn’t even make the list.  Nuclear proliferation might be considered a part of “terrorism and national security,” but that came in fifth place.  In first place was the economy, followed by unemployment, the budget deficit, and repealing ObamaCare.  Rasmussen tests this in its daily tracking polls, and the latest week’s data shows economic issues being chosen as most important by 53% of likely voters, followed by fiscal issues (16%), domestic issues (14%), and cultural issues (6%).  Climate change and nuclear proliferation aren’t even on the radar screen in an electorate tired by years of economic malaise.

Besides, as Investors Business Daily points out, it’s not as if Obama hasn’t spent a lot of money on green-tech issues already. In fact, when charted out, Obama’s spending looks like a hockey stick, just like AGW hysterics seem to enjoy:

So forget about the abysmal jobless numbers above 8% for over three years, or the $15 trillion deficit that threatens to turn the U.S. into Greece. No, amid those very real calamities, climate change is more important.

If this isn’t a sign of a president out of touch with reality, what is? If climate change is Obama’s “most important” policy issue, then neither the Tea-Party-led victories around fiscal discipline — such as the Wisconsin vote, nor the West Virginia primary, here 40% of Democrats chose a jailbird to protest Obama’s anti-coal agenda, made a dent on him.

Like a madman doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, it can only mean Obama intends to double-down on his green agenda if re-elected.

Already no president has ever spent money on “climate change” as he has. The Congressional Budget Office reports that since 1998, $99 billion has been spent among 14 agencies on “climate change.” Of that, $35 billion was earmarked from the 2009 stimulus.

The top agency charged with enacting the Obama green agenda — the Department of Energy — has seen its budget soar from $24 billion in 2009 to $38 billion in 2012, the Office of Management and Budget estimates.

Here’s the chart:

Looks like Obama’s been a little too obsessed with his own hobby horses.  Maybe voters should elect a President who shares their priorities … and can handle them.

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