Video: The odd tax-reform ad from Herman Cain's new group

And you thought that Mark Block’s smoking ad was controversial! Herman Cain’s new political action group Cain Solutions has a new video ad, promoting its site, titled “Rabbit.”  It ain’t exactly subtle:

This actually represents an improvement over the last ad in this series, according to the Daily Caller:

You can breathe easy: Animals are still safer appearing in Herman Cain’s web advertisements than they are in PETA’s care. No actual bunnies were harmed in the making of the former presidential candidate’s latest online video. …

The first video in the series featured the same young girl comparing the economy to a goldfish — before spilling the contents of its fishbowl and watching as it dies, gasping for air. “This is the economy on stimulus,” the girl says of the dead fish. “Any questions?”

The bunny doesn’t get it in this ad, but viewers get treated to nice, big, red splat when the shooter hits his target.  Like I said, it’s not subtle — and it’s not particularly informative, either.  Surely there are better ways to make the point about the near-trillion dollars lost in the Porkulus bill than shooting a rabbit and killing a goldfish … say, perhaps, by highlighting the travails of an actual small-business owner impacted by the tax code, Obama’s stimulus, or ObamaCare.  So yes, I have a question: can someone at Cain Solutions make an ad that’s substantive and attention-grabbing?  Because this looks as though the group doesn’t have anything serious to say.

On the other hand, let’s face it — we’re conditioned to laugh at this ad:

Let’s hope that Cain Solutions gets past the cartoon stage soon.

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