Video: Obama campaign running ads against ... Sarah Palin?

Looks like Team Obama really has decided to go all in on a nostalgia-based campaign.  A month after producing their first campaign film, which managed to avoid talking about Obama’s presidency for more than half of its four-plus minutes to focus on the 2008 campaign instead, the Obama campaign has published a new fundraising ad that takes aim at their opponent … in 2008 (via Gateway Pundit and Breitbart TV):

Party like it’s November 2008!

The impetus for Sarah Palin’s remarks are apparently the debate over Obama’s support for Derrick Bell, the radical Harvard professor who championed “critical race theory,” which states that the American political system is designed to oppress minorities and perpetuate white supremacy.  Does the Obama campaign really want to open that topic up for a national debate?  Running ads like this will force the media to cover the topic.  Wouldn’t they have been better off just ignoring the attack, and Palin — especially since she can fire up the Republican base better than the potential nominees can at this point?  If this is the kind of strategery Team Obama will deploy this year, Republicans have a lot less to worry about than previously thought.

As long as we’re partying like it’s November 2008, though, let’s once again take a nostalgic look at this Obama ad attacking George W. Bush on gas prices:

There are plenty more where that came from. Now that Obama can’t run on the economy or gas prices, what does he have left?  If it’s only Sarah Palin, Obama’s looking pretty desperate.