Video: Can Obama run as a foreign policy/wartime President in 2012?

Earlier today, before I had to run out to the dentist for some follow-up work and skip my normal show, I appeared on Fox News’ web program with host Lauren Green, discussing two topics in our interview. The first is whether Barack Obama can make an argument for re-election as a foreign policy/wartime President, as Obama has had some significant successes against terrorist networks during his first term. Green started off the interview by saying that I sounded more like a Democrat in praising Obama’s successes in this arena, but I explain that Obama’s successes came from approaching the war more like a Republican — and that there was a lot more in his foreign policy that will hurt him than help, especially when it comes to Israel:

In the rest of the video, we talk about Herman Cain’s presidential campaign and whether he can contend all the way through to the primaries. I explain why I think Cain will make it to Iowa, and could win it. That video hasn’t yet been published at Fox News, but I’ll add it to this post when it goes up. Lauren was a terrific interviewer in this segment, and I hope to get more opportunities to chat with her. Minnesotans have to stick together, after all.

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