NFL Week 7 open thread

Last week the Pittsburgh Steelers eked out a win over the generally-hapless Jacksonville Jaguars 17-13 in a result that didn’t have the Steelers terribly happy by the end of the contest.   This week the Steelers go out on the road to Arizona to play the generally-hapless Arizona Cardinals.  Pittsburgh has only a 1-2 record on the road this season and needs to rebuild some winning road momentum pronto.  They should win, but it will probably be close; I’ll go with a 21-17 final score.

I went 5-1 again last week to move my record to 24-12 for the season.  Can I also build up some momentum?  Let’s see:

  • Packers at Vikings — If I didn’t make a point of picking the Vikes every week, I’d skip this no-brainer. Last week I correctly predicted that the Vikes would lose to Da Bears and that it would result in a QB controversy.  High-priced Donovan McNabb will ride the pine while rookie Christian Ponder gets the start, but … please.  Aaron Rodgers can’t wait to carve up the Minnesota secondary, especially since 6′-2″ corner Chris Cook will be benched after a domestic-assault arrest yesterday morning.  Pack 42-14 over the Vikings in a laugher.
  • Falcons at Lions — Detroit lost its first game this season in Week 6, which usually would have meant having five byes to start the season, but in 2011 means that the Lions are a darned good team.  They’ll be looking to avenge their defeat this week as Atlanta pays a visit, and Atlanta has trouble winning away from home.  I’m going with the Lions on a rebound, 27-20.
  • Seahawks at Browns — Honestly, there are so few competitive games this week (and I’m going to honor the Jets ban today, Jazz) that this looks like one of the most challenging games to pick.  Seattle is 1-2 on the road, while Cleveland is 1-2 at home.  Seattle’s Tarvaris Jackson is out at QB while second-year QB star Colt McCoy looks pretty strong for the Browns.  Cleveland wins a tight one at home, 23-19.
  • Texans at Titans — These two teams are evenly matched, but Houston is struggling on the road while Tennessee hasn’t lost yet at home.  One of those home wins was against a tough Baltimore Ravens team, so I’m inclined to lean Tennessee’s way on this, especially since Houston lost to Baltimore last week.  This one could go to OT, but Titans will prevail, 20-17.
  • Ravens at Jaguars — Again, I’d skip this except that I always like to include the Monday night game.  The only indication that the Ravens might have some trouble with Jacksonville is that they’re only 1-1 on the road, but … the Jags are 1-2 at home.  We’re going to be hearing a lot of Jon Gruden jokes by halftime in this one.  Ravens 35-14 over the Jaguars.
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Jazz Shaw 8:31 AM on December 04, 2022