Waters: Obama would never tell the Jews or the gays to stop complaining

Looks like Barack Obama really made an impression on the Congressional Black Caucus this weekend — but not the one he intended. Maxine Waters tells CBS that she’s not sure exactly who Obama thought he was addressing, and claimed that the CBC has worked a whole lot more on unemployment than the President has, without whining about their critics.  But Waters goes one better by telling CBS that Obama wouldn’t have dared telling a couple of other identity groups to stop griping:

Sounds as if the CBC just fired a shot across Obama’s bow on the pecking order for pandering in the Democratic coalition.  After NY-09, Obama has tried to jolly along his Jewish supporters, who look like they may either sit on their hands in 2012 or bolt for the Republicans in numbers large enough to matter.  Earlier this year, Obama backed off from defending DOMA and pushing for a quick end to DADT to mollify the LGBT lobby.  The CBC apparently feels as though Obama takes them for granted, and Obama telling them to shut up apparently didn’t convince the CBC of his appreciation.

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David Strom 3:31 PM on December 08, 2022