RNC ad: Change Direction

The upcoming election may be easier for the GOP than people think, since Barack Obama has agreed to star in most of their commercials.  Oh, he probably didn’t offer his services explicitly, but thanks to his 2008 campaign rhetoric and laughably unrealistic promises, the RNC has a treasure trove of material from which to offer a comparison between rhetoric and reality.  In their latest ad, suitable for 1-minute spots on television, the RNC features an Obama lecture from his August 2008 acceptance speech at the Democratic convention on “what constitutes progress in this country” — and then provides the data to grade him on it:

Not exactly a good, solid B-plus, is it?  The GOP needs to have this on the air in markets around the country.  Obama won’t have the luxury of opining from hypotheticals as he did in 2008; he will have to defend his record, especially on the economy, and voters will grade him according to his own stated standards if Republicans keep serving up these reminders.

Update: The Daily Caller says the RNC will air this ad in crucial swing states:

The campaign is part of the RNC’s month-long national cable TV blitz, with a focus on four swing states: Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and New Hampshire.

“Obama easily won these states by an average margin of 13 points in 2008, and together they’ve mustered only one win for a GOP Presidential nominee in the last five Presidential elections,” said the RNC’s political director Rick Wiley, explaining the ad strategy in a memo obtained by Politico. “But recent polling in these states, and overwhelming GOP victories in 2010, shows Obama isn’t just weaker than he was in 2008, but he is in real danger of losing electoral votes.”

If Obama loses Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, the game’s up on a second term.  That’s a good strategy for the RNC to pursue.