Video: MSNBC feeling the pressure of not being sufficiently pro-Obama, or something

Finally, MSNBC has begun to feel the pressure of their unbalanced look at politics. After getting angry feedback over their bias in guest selection, Mika Brzezinski felt compelled to share with viewers the harsh criticism they have received for their slant on national politics. Those of us who have criticized MSNBC for its ideological homogeneity are finally vindicated.

Obviously, the channel is not nearly pro-Obama enough:

Jay Carney admits calling MSNBC yesterday to complain about Mark Halperin’s crack [that we were first to report] that the President, at his Wednesday press conference, acted like a “d–k.” Did the White House press secretary take the opportunity of his call to pressure the show to bring on more pro-Obama flacks?

The question arises because on today’s show, Mika Brzezinski revealed that “we’re getting hit a lot lately for not bringing on people who speak on behalf of the White House and really stick up for the President.”

Joe Scarborough disputes the notion that they’re not trying hard enough to spin for Obama:

Joe Scarborough pointed out moments later, when the show researched its guest list, it found a stunning 10:1 ratio of Democrats to Republicans!

Stunning? Not really, at least not for anyone who watches MSNBC. And Morning Joe is considered the most friendly show on the cable channel to conservatives. That’s certainly a lean, but it’s not Leaning Forward.

Yesterday, a few Media Matters groupies tweeted in response to my skepticism over Mark Halperin’s treatment by MSNBC for a dumb remark that “senior journalists” don’t give Obama the same respect shown to George W. Bush. Say what? Would that be the same network whose most senior journalist accused Bush of having Pat Tillman killed to keep him from expressing support for John Kerry in the 2004 election? Suspension time for Olbermann after that broadcast: zero days. Same for the “Shut! The! Hell! Up!” episode, and for Olby’s accusation that Bush wanted to implement “invisible fascism.” Ah, the bygone days of respect at MSNBC!

Speaking of which, Steven Crowder has a teaser for his new documentary on MSNBC’s former “senior journalist.” The documentary on his “lost months” comes out next week, but take a peek at the Boss Emeritus and her takedown skills. I’d say that it reduces Olby to a bag of mashed-up meat with eyeglasses, but that might not meet the MSNBC ideal of respectful these days: