Audio: Paul Ryan not terribly pleased with Newt Gingrich

Paul Ryan appeared on the Laura Ingraham show this morning as Raymond Arroyo guest hosted to respond to Newt Gingrich’s criticism on Meet the Press yesterday. Ryan explained that Medicare’s collapse is approaching faster than first thought, and that the “radical” solution would be to do nothing and let it overwhelm the federal government. His plan uses the same consumer-choice mechanisms found in Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage programs, and giving people their own choice of coverage is hardly a “radical” notion.

But that’s not the takeaway line, as Real Clear Politics makes, er, real clear:

This interview took place before Gingrich tried explaining himself on Mike Gallagher’s show; it may have taken place at the same time, since the two shows compete. I’d guess that the base will buy Ryan’s explanation more than Gingrich’s, although it will be interesting to get Ryan’s reaction to this morning’s statements from Gingrich.