Poll: What was the Obamateurism of the Week?

Carla bar the door, it’s time once again to select this week’s Obamateurism of the Week!  Let’s give credit where credit’s due; each of these gems are like found(ing) treasure.  If they paint a caricature as a group, it’s one that might even have a Teuton laughing.

Previous 2011 “winners”:

Got an Obamateurism of the Day? If you see a foul-up by Barack Obama, e-mail it to me at[email protected] with the quote and the link to the Obamateurism. I’ll post the best Obamateurisms on a daily basis, depending on how many I receive. Include a link to your blog, and I’ll give some link love as well. And unlike Slate, I promise to end the feature when Barack Obama leaves office.

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