Video: Crowder explains modern comedy

Like Allahpundit, I hesitated to comment on the Wonkette scandal regarding their execrable commentary on Trig Palin, mainly because I find them execrable on a normal day anyway.  To quote former Arizona Cardinals head coach Denny Green, “They are who we thought they were!”  Why give them any further oxygen by pointing out that they’re creepy juveniles with no taste or perspective at all?  I could also post that water is wet all day long, too.

But if I was going to say something about it, I would want to say what Steven Crowder says in his latest video:

Steven also wrote an opinion piece on the subject for Fox News, extending his remarks:

I’m still waiting for the days where other fellow comedians are willing to take this kind of bold approach to the current administration. I certainly would never condone these kinds of deplorable attacks on the Obama children, but unlike their “assault in flock” patterns on the Palin family, I’ve yet to see comedians even attempt to attack the president’s ideas.

Barack and Michelle are the ones in the White House, so wouldn’t a few digs their way be slightly more, well, relevant?

Ooooh, I get it. That would require the testicular fortitude to step out and take an actual risk. Nevermind. Just keep taking potshots at a one-year-old special needs infant.


Indeed.  Because if you have no talent and nothing significant to say, the only way to hide it is to shock people.  And if one doesn’t have the cojones to train their satiric sights on the powerful and popular, then the obvious target is a special-needs toddler who can’t fight back.