Video: Doctors handing out fake medical excuses at WI union protest

Via Drudge, one of the more hypocritical moments of the union protests in Madison gets committed to videotape by MacIver Institute. Why hypocritical? Well, imagine what these same teachers would say if their students got doctors to sign notes en masse at the mall to teenagers that play hooky from their classes.  Great lesson these teachers are giving their students, especially the ones they brought in tow to Wisconsin’s capital:

“I asked this doctor what he was doing and he told me they were handing out excuses to people who were feeling sick due to emotional, mental or financial distress,” said Christian Hartsock. “They never performed an exam–he asked me how I was feeling today and I said I’m from California and I’m not used to the cold, so he handed me a note.”

Another woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said they were handing out excuses like they were leaflets.

“I asked if they were handing out doctors’ excuses and a guy said yes and asked me if I needed one,” she said. “When I told them I needed one for February 16 and 17th, he wondered if I wanted to come back here for the protests next week.”

What happened next?

“I said, ‘sure,’ and I received a doctor’s note for the 16th through the 25th of February, without a medical exam.”

Don’t miss the doctor who scolded the cameraman because he doesn’t hang out at the capital every day for a year before asking questions about aiding and abetting fraud.  Perhaps the state might want to look into these cases of inadequate examination and potential misdiagnosis by the “doctors” who issued those notes, too.