Beeler on the Slurpee Summit

The national media is abuzz over the upcoming Slurpee Summitt, announced and named by President Obama during his post-midterm press conference on Tuesday just before leaving for India.  Obama told the press that “they’re delicious drinks,” but that depends on what flavor one orders.  Nate Beeler at the Washington Examiner thinks that Obama’s Slurpee will have a distinctly unpleasant taste:

Reader and commenter Ted C wrote me this morning to suggest an analogy for Obama to one-hit wonders in pop music:

I see Obama as a one hit wonder. His first single “Yes We Can” did pretty well and went to number one on the Top 40. Now all that he and Nancy et al. are trying to do is to sell his second single “Help Me Push This Car” –and blaming poor sales on the album cover (the message) when, in actuality, the song stinks. Could you use that analogy in a thread and then link an 80’s one hit wonder vid clip at the bottom of the thread? I think it’d be funny, dead on correct, and appropriate.

Actually, I think a slight change to a classic Beatles tune to make it “Baby You Can Push My Car” might be in order. Not sure how to rhyme Slurpee with car, but I’m working on it.  As for a 80’s one-trick pony, one has to assume that Democrats that were singing this song to voters might have to be drinking off of Beeler’s Slurpee, too:

Be sure to check out Nate’s blog for more of his excellent work, featured at the indispensable Examiner.