Bayh: We’re going to lose big because Democrats “doubled down” on spending

Evan Bayh appeared on Morning Joe today not to praise Democrats but to bury their hopes for any success in tomorrow’s midterm elections. Why will Democrats take a beating tomorrow? According to Bayh, the blame goes to bad timing and no follow-through:

Er …sure.  Bayh notes that ObamaCare fulfilled a long-time “dream” of Democrats, but expanding (actually, adding) an entitlement in the middle of an economic disaster might not have been the greatest timing for Obama and Congress.  Also, everyone apparently agreed that Porkulus was necessary for the recovery, according to Bayh, but Democrats failed to follow through on their wild spending with, um, deficit reduction. No kidding!  It sounds as if Bayh took his talking points from the final interview in Reason TV’s look at the Rally to Restore Sanity, where a clearly befuddled attendee said that the way to reduce debt is to spend a lot more first, and then kinda look around to see where that takes you.

Democrats will lose tomorrow because they ran as moderates and then rammed a radical agenda down the throats of the electorate while ignoring the economic stagnation they caused.  It’s really not much more complicated than that, except for Democrats looking for the most palatable excuses they can possibly find.