Schakowsky: Those radical Republicans talk about self-government!

And now, a rant so absurd that both NewsAlert and The Blaze picked up on it. Rep. Jan Schakowsky, who once argued that government should destroy the private health-insurance market, here laments the radical nature of Republicans with radio host Stephanie Miller. How are Republicans radical and extreme? Well, they quote ancient texts … like the Constitution!   They talk about old heresies … like free people governing themselves!  They’re all “tenthers” because Republicans believe the conspiracy theory that the founders added a mysterious Tenth Amendment to the Bill of Rights, and actually meant something by it!  Horrors — or as Miller says, “Oy”:

Schakowsky has an opponent in her IL-09 district, Joel Pollak, who has been very active on the Internet.  He gets backing from the Club for Growth for his sensible economic positions, not to mention the fact that the incumbent is a dyed-in-the-wool socialist.  IL-09 is a D+20 district, which means that Pollak has a Sisyphean task ahead of him to unseat Schakowsky, but a few more interviews like this and she may do Pollak’s work for him.  I interviewed Pollak at CPAC, so be sure to check out that clip, and also his latest campaign ad featuring Joel’s remarkable wife Julia:

Coming to the US because it promotes freedom and self-governance? Radical!