Bill Press: Americans are spoiled

We’re spoiled? If Bill Press’ argument holds water, then who spoiled us? If the answer is George W. Bush, then perhaps that means that liberals will shortly revise their estimations of his presidency as the last Golden Age … right? Brian Maloney catches Press reacting to the news that six in ten Americans somehow have lost confidence in a man who spent a trillion dollars only to see jobs bleed out of the American economy as an indictment of our ability to self-govern:

It comes as no shock to hear a liberal talk about the American public as “children” who need scolding. (It also doesn’t come as a shock to see that Bill Press doesn’t check the data on jobs before declaring that Obama has rescued them.) That’s the entire mindset of liberalism — that the masses can’t make their own decisions and need a cadre of elites to do it for them. That explains ObamaCare and every other social engineering project that we’ve seen since FDR, one of the people that Press claims couldn’t possibly govern the nation today if given the chance.

Expect to see more of the “ungovernable” argument as Obama continues to flop. We’ll hear it as an excuse for ever-increasing executive authority; we’ve already seen public paeans to authoritarian regimes by liberals like Thomas Friedman and Woody Allen, and we’ll likely see a lot more if the Republicans take control of the House in the fall.