Nevada now leads the nation ... in unemployment

Harry Reid has begun making the argument that Nevadans can’t afford to kick him out of the Senate and lose the influence he wields on Capitol Hill on the state’s behalf.  According to the latest unemployment data, Nevadans can’t afford to have Reid’s help for much longer.  Nevada has now surpassed Michigan in unemployment, no easy feat, thanks in large part to Reid’s leadership (via The Corner):

Nevada’s unemployment rate hit yet another record in May, jumping to 14 percent.

That’s up from 13.7 percent in April.

Nevada’s jobless rate is now tops in the nation, as former No. 1 Michigan saw its unemployment slip to 13.6 percent in May, down from 14 percent in April.

Nevada’s increase comes even as the recession is moderating nationally. The country’s unemployment rate ticked down from April to May, dropping from 9.9 percent to 9.7 percent.

Reid’s response is that the state has to “diversify” by moving away from traditional markets like consumer spending and construction.  His solution for that?  Massive pork projects paid by the taxpayers in other states, mainly in construction and energy jobs, as well as high-speed rail to bring Southern California consumers to Las Vegas.

Even with all of that, Nevada hasn’t solved the unemployment problem because Harry Reid, along with Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama, are passing legislation that is stifling and stunting economic growth.  The reliance of the state on tourism means that any economic turndown will hit Nevada hard, but the policies of the Democrats are prolonging the stagnation and scaring capital out of the markets.  As long as Reid remains in the Senate, he will continue to carry water for the hard-Left agenda dictated by Pelosi and Obama, running up debt and government spending so high that the question is no longer when Democrats will start demanding broad-based tax increases, but how soon.

Nevada has an opportunity to rid itself of one of the authors of its misery.   Let’s hope that passing up Michigan as the worst place for job seekers in the nation will drive that point home.

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