The Ed Morrissey Show: Andrew Malcolm

Today at 3 pm ET, the Ed Morrissey Show has its regular Tuesdays with Andrew — Andrew Malcolm, that is, of the Los Angeles Times’ Top of the Ticket blog and the “Prince of Twitter.”  We’ll certainly talk about the downfall of Helen Thomas, but also about Joe Biden’s sudden urge to visit Africa after offering a defense of Israel’s actions with the blockade-running flotilla.  Did the national media worry about the bad dreams of Bush staffers during the Hurricane Katrina response?   Rahm Emanuel lived rent free in Washington for five years through the kindness of a BP adviser, Andrew reports.  All this, plus Barack Obama’s heartfelt advice to high-school graduates in today’s TEMS!

Plus, we may introduce Amy, my new summer intern, on today’s show, so be sure to stick around to the end!

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Ed Morrissey Nov 29, 2021 8:25 AM ET