Exclusive: When James ran away from Jason

After the fireworks of Jim Moran, the crabby stubbornness of Al Franken, and the dogged determination of Barney Frank, James Clyburn turns out to be a big disappointment in his meeting with Jason Mattera.  Not only does Rep. Clyburn not give Jason a chance to make a sale of his book Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation, he doesn’t bother to offer even a single defense of his own argument that the government can spend its way out of a deep recession.  Instead, just as soon as he figures out that Jason’s not really there to pat him on the back for ObamaCare, Clyburn can only respond “Call my office,” as he makes a run for the sanctuary of his car:

Some commenters on the earlier videos criticized Jason for badgering his subjects, but Jason doesn’t even get the chance here.  Is Clyburn so insecure in his economic philosophy that he can’t even offer a first-level defense of it?  Heck, just say “John Maynard Keynes,” which is as many syllables as “Call my office.”  Even Tom Harkin managed to come up with an argument.

Even without the sale to Clyburn, though, Obama Zombies will debut on the New York Times best-seller list at #14 this Sunday.  Congratulations, Jason!

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