NRSC says Happy Tax Day!

Today’s Tax Day, and lots of people will be out celebrating late into the night … at their local post offices, trying to hold onto their cash for just a wee bit longer before Uncle Sam takes his big bite. The NRSC wants to remind folks that we can expect even bigger taxes down the line, which just means more fun and games on April 15th in the following years, with this Happy Tax Day video. When you celebrate tonight, just remember who’s making it possible for us to pay even more of our income in the future to help pay off the debt we’re running up today:

How’s Barack Obama celebrating Tax Day? He’s escaping DC for Florida in order to talk about the space program, as Andrew Malcolm reports:

To distract everyone’s attention from what April 15 really means to most Americans — especially those Tea Party protesters advancing on TV cameras in the nation’s Capitol as you read this — President Obama will leave Washington today and fly off to Florida to attempt to announce some kind of new space program.

Or down-scaled space program re-packaged in real good rhetoric.

As usual with No. 44, it will involve extra billions of dollars (the early estimate is six, but these things have a way of changing in an upwards direction, as Washington would put it).

I’ll spend my Tax Day at the Minnesota state capital mall, turning out for a Tax Day protest where I’ll be one of the speakers. Later, I’ll post my prepared remarks. I’d do it now, but just as with so many people and their taxes, I’m waiting for just about the last minute to finish.

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