SRLC interview: Brian Reilly

Tired of having Debbie Wasserman-Schultz telling you that there is no health-care mandate, or complaining that the big problem is that there are too many men on Capitol Hill? Meet the potential antidote: Brian Reilly. He’s running in FL-20 and hoping to unseat Wasserman-Schultz, who he says is too radical for her district. Reilly hasn’t run for public office before now, working instead in the private sector to build business and create jobs. He mentions how 9/11 helped inspire him to succeed in business after the loss of many friends in New York, and how it’s now inspiring him to seek public office.

Update: There’s at least one other Republican running in this district, businessman Robert Lowry.

Update II: Karen Harrington, a local businesswoman, is also running in the GOP primary.

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