Palin: "Out of touch Congress sounds clarion call"

Sarah Palin inveighed against an “out-of-touch Congress” from her Facebook platform today, hitting many of the points that have already resonated with Tea Party activists and ObamaCare opponents.  As is her style, Palin focuses on an optimistic message, warning Democrats that conservatives have not abandoned the field.  Indeed, the action by Congress to ignore the clear wishes of the electorate have sounded a “clarion call” to action that won’t be ignored:

In the weeks to come, we can expect them to try to change the subject, but we won’t forget. Don’t let them move on to further “transformational” steps while forgetting what Congress just did against the will of the people. Though Obamacare will inflict billions in new taxes on individuals and employers, at least it creates some jobs: the IRS might have to hire as many as 16,000 new employees to enforce all the new taxes and penalties the bill calls for! And that doesn’t include all the other government jobs from the 159 new agencies, panels, commissions and departments this bill will create. As the private sector shrinks, we can count on government to keep growing along with the deficits needed to keep it all afloat. (Is this the kind of “change” Americans asked for?) …

Though they’d like us to forget, we will remember the corrupt deals, the corrupt process, the lack of transparency, the deceptive gimmicks to game the CBO score, and the utter disregard for the will of the American people. Elections have consequences, and we won’t forget those who promised to hold firm against government funding of abortion, but caved at the last minute in exchange for a non-binding executive order promised by the most pro-abortion president to ever occupy the White House. …

This is just the beginning of our efforts to take back our country. Consider yesterday’s vote a clarion call and a spur to action. We will not let America sink into further debt without a fight. We will not abandon the American dream to government dependency, fewer freedoms and less opportunity. Change is made at the ballot box. If we work together, we can renew our optimistic pioneering spirit, revive our economy, and restore constitutional limits.

One of Palin’s strongest contributions to conservative politics has been an almost relentless optimism in the face of tough setbacks.  While we need to delve into the difficult mechanics of repeal and highlight the terrible impact ObamaCare will have on the US economy, too much focus on that can be demotivating.  We need to not just talk about the Sisyphean struggle, but the possibility of victory and the positive alternatives to the bleak statist future we see at the moment.  Few can do that as well as Palin at the national level — which is one of the reasons she has such a strong following on the Right.

I believe she’s right.  I believe that conservatives will use this lesson to fight better, fight smarter, and push an agenda of liberty and economic freedom that voters will surge to the polls to support.  It’s late, but not too late.  Elections do have consequences, and the party of bureaucracy is about to reap them.  (hat tip: HA reader Josh)

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