CPAC Interviews: The candidates

Sometime around the second day of CPAC, it began to cross my mind that I couldn’t possibly keep up with all of the interviews I was getting on Blogger Row. It would take dozens of posts to individually embed each of the interviews. In order to get them all posted, I decided to put them into categories instead and let all of them get up before the weekend was over. Some of these may have already been posted, but in the interest of thoroughness, I’d rather repeat than inadvertently leave someone out.


First, we’ll take a look at all of the candidates for office, including those already holding office and running for re-election.

Isaac Hayes, from Illinois’ 2nd Congressional district, running against Jesse Jackson Jr:

Joel Pollak, Illinois’ 9th Congressional district, running against Jan Schakowsky:

Mike Lee, running in a primary against Sen. Bob Bennett (R-UT):

Doug Hoffman, considering another run in NY-23:

Ovide Lamontagne, running in primary for Senate in New Hampshire:

Rep. Steve King, IA-03, two parts (some technical problems):

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-UT:

Patrick Murray, running in the primary for Virginia’s 8th CD (three parts):

Edward Lynch, candidate in Florida’s 19th CD special election in April:

Les Phillip, Alabama’s 5th CD, running in primary against GOP convert Parker Griffiths:

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