Video: The Tea Party's diversity

Normally, I wouldn’t play the game of counting heads based on ethnicity as a means of justifying the authenticity of a grassroots organization, even when challenged by a broadcaster from a network whose hosts range from lily-white to a light ecru. As I told Tommy Christopher in a video that he will publish sometime today or tomorrow, it’s a no-win scenario; if one can’t produce enough examples of diversity, then the movement somehow excludes minorities — and if one does produce enough, suddenly it’s too self-conscious and must be hiding a latent bit of racism.  Still, Randy Haddock puts together some video clips from Tea Party events that show that opposition to the radical Democratic agenda has a broader base of support than defenders of the agenda like to admit:

Any movement that has candidates like Angela McGlowan, Col. Allen West, and Marco Rubio as crowd-pleasers and candidates for office has something more in mind than skin color as its objective.  On the other hand, critics who deliberately ignore the broad base of opposition to the Democratic agenda and assign it to racism are doing so because they have no actual answers for the arguments being made.  It’s much easier to sneer and smear than it is to engage intellectually, especially for those almost completely unequipped for the latter.

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