Wallace: Joe Scarborough lives where the trolleys don't run

I didn’t get a chance to see this yesterday, but consider this a palate cleanser of sorts after the Lawrence O’Donnell meltdown this morning. Chris Wallace is a little miffed at Joe Scarborough over the alleged eye-roll message Joe says that Chris sent his media buddies to let them know that Sarah Palin is a lightweight. Wallace responds with the quaint phrase I put in the post headline — how many people will remember what that means? — but Wallace makes it a bit clearer by comparing him to the Son of Sam hearing messages from the neighbor’s dog. Want to know what the secret message Chris is sending to his friend Joe now? He’s offended … that people watch Joe on MS-NBC (via Greg Hengler at Townhall):

“I wasn’t going to go easy on her,” Wallace said about his interview with Palin, and she answered his questions without any trouble at all. He didn’t send any secret messages that Palin was a lightweight, Wallace says, because, well, she’s not.  Wallace believes that Palin is taking her role seriously, studying foreign policy and getting briefed on national issues every day.  He won’t offer an opinion on whether she will be ready to be President in 2012, but then again, she doesn’t necessarily have to be, either; she could run in 2016, 2020, or 2024, too.

By the time you read this post, Scarborough will have had the opportunity to respond.  Think he’ll roll his eyes?  Chris shows him how to actually do that at the end. And lest you think Wallace is just having a little fun at Scarborough’s expense, Wallace thanked Mike Gallagher this morning for an “adult conversation” on Palin — a rather pointed criticism on the kerfuffle over the last couple of days.

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