Video: George Phillips launches campaign to unseat Maurice Hinchey

Hot Air readers will understand the import of mild-mannered Republican George Phillips’ campaign launch this week in NY-22. The man currently occupying the seat, Rep. Maurice Hinchey,has “distinguished” himself over the last couple of years by claiming that George Bush let Osama bin Laden go in order to justify the war in Iraq, called for the US to nationalize the oil industry, claimed Karl Rove planted the Rathergate memos on CBS to discredit them, and talk about reimposing the Fairness Doctrine on talk radio.

That’s a great track record, if one likes to see lunacy in high public office, for a three-year span.  Hinchey has served four terms in office in this seat.  Isn’t it time for a little sanity?  You can see Phillips’ entire speech here, but this is the heart of his fiscal-responsibility platform: