Video: The divorce ban initiative in California

Morgen and John at Verum Serum have the backstory details on this, so be sure to read it all there, but let me boil it down for you. Some of the people who resent the hell out of the majority of voters in California who voted to keep the traditional definition of marriage have launched their own new initiative to protect marriage … by banning all divorces. It takes a special kind of elitist to make the supporting web video, which intends to insult mainstream Californians who passed Proposition 8 by a 52%-48% margin in 2008, which presumes that the only people who supported the original initiative were ignorant rubes and religious fanatics.

Er, how many Democrats are there in California’s state legislature?  In that same election, Barack Obama won 61% of the same vote, against just 37% for John McCain.  Methinks that this effort says a lot more about its backers than Prop 8’s.

If they had an initiative to ban no-fault divorce, that might gain some traction.  Otherwise, this will be a gigantic waste of time and money, neither of which California can afford, just to accomplish what Prop 8 critics could have succeeded in doing with the YouTube video, which is insult everyone’s intelligence.

They should have stuck to getting the state out of the marriage business altogether.

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