Video: Community organizers pray to their new deity, or something; Update: Or do they? Update: Poll added

I’m tempted to make fun of this, but the First Mate was absolutely aghast at the idol-worship connotations of this video. The Gamaliel Foundation is a community-organizing group that acts as the ground troops for Barack Obama’s domestic policies, especially health-care reform. Anyone who has spent any time in church will recognize the worship cadence of this clip, which puts Obama in the place of the Lord in prayer:

A couple of points: This video came from last December, not recently, which means that the lunacy preceded the current debate over ObamaCare. This was at the tail end of the Democrats’ campaign attempt to cast their agenda in religious terms of social justice, although they have certainly picked up that effort again over the summer. If anything, it reminds people of just how bad Democrats and left-wing groups are at this kind of campaign. No one there seems to realize how shocking and sacreligious this will sound to actual churchgoers, who will rightly recoil at the worship of Obama as an idol in place of the actual Deity.

Update: I wonder what all of those on the Left who made fun of the Christian kids in Jesus Camp have to say about this.  I’m guessing that we’re going to hear the sound of one hand clapping.

Update II: Or do they?  After a couple of repetitions, I’m not sure if they’re saying “Obama” or “Oh God”.  Sounds like “Obama”, and my wife — who is blind and couldn’t read the captions — immediately heard “Obama” when I played it for her.  I’m not sure which it is, but it could be “Oh God” with poor acoustics.

Update III: The Jesus Camp question pertains either way, though.

Update IV: It does sound more like “Obama” in the “Deliver us” part.  I’m really not sure.

Update V: Let’s add a poll and see what everyone thinks:

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