ACORN: Big Apple, Big Pimping

It was just a fluke, ACORN insisted the first time that James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles published their undercover video showing their office in Baltimore helping a pimp evade taxes and get a mortgage by deceit for a brothel.  They fired a couple of “bad apples” in that office, and a couple of more bad apples in Washington DC when that office got caught on hidden camera doing the same thing.  In fact. ACORN went so far as to brag that the pair had tried the same thing and failed in “San Diego, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia to name a few places.”

Really?  New York’s ACORN office was too sophisticated to fall for that scam?  The video at Big Government today indicates that ACORN’s Big Apple office is equally as heartless and corrupt as DC and Baltimore, as two of their staffers advise O’Keefe and Giles how to cover up a child-prostitution ring and evade taxes:

When you get a house with a backyard … you get a tin and put the money in it … and bury it.

ACORN has access to billions of dollars in federal funding through Porkulus, and already gets hundreds of millions a year in federal funding through other programs, mainly through HUD. It’s time — it’s well past time — for Congress to suspend any payments to ACORN for any purposes.

One incident may have been a fluke, and two a coincidence, but three times makes a pattern. These aren’t offices in the sticks, either, but offices in some of the most important American cities. Does ACORN train its people on how to screw the American people on income taxes while getting federal funds, or just look to hire the most heartless people in the world to help pimps hide child prostitution rings?