Video: The ACORN pimp-shielding network?

After Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government blog published videos from investigative journalists posing as pimps and traffickers in child-slavery rings at ACORN, the community-organizing group fired the two women who offered advice on how to evade law enforcement and tax obligations. ACORN then claimed that this was a problem isolated to the Baltimore office and the two ACORN employees involved.

Unfortunately for ACORN and its credibility, Big Government’s James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles also paid a visit to their Washington DC offices … and got the exact same assistance:

According to ACORN’s staff in DC, a pimp is a “marketeer” or “consultant.” It’s okay to have 10 Salvadorean underage girls turning tricks in the house ACORN will help arrange for them, because the pimps are “just the landlord.” As long as they have a profit and loss report, they have no problems.

In the second video, the ACORN rep makes it clear she understands the implications. She tells James, the prospective politician, to stay clear of the house in order to preserve his political viability. “You can’t hang out at the house,” she advises. “You don’t want to draw attention.”

So much for this being an isolated incident. Does ACORN provide training to its staff in evading taxes and helping to cover up prostitution rings involving underaged girls?

Jazz Shaw Jun 22, 2021 6:01 PM ET