Video: Don't forget about ObamaCare and abortion

Later this evening, Barack Obama will meet with religious leaders in an effort to press home the What Would Jesus/Elijah/Mohammed/Buddha Cover argument. Obama wants to get some support from faith-based communities by arguing that government management of health care is the only way to provide for all in America, an argument that has not worked at all so far. Sixteen leaders of the pro-life movement want to remind those meeting with President Obama that the bill will result in taxpayer-funded abortion on demand:

The confirmation of this comes from Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA), who told a town-hall forum in her San Jose district that she’s happy to pay for abortions with taxpayer funds:

On the campaign trail, Obama told Planned Parenthood that the Freedom of Choice Act, which would eliminate state restrictions on abortion and repeal the Hyde Amendment ban on federal funding for it, would be his first legislative priority. ObamaCare allows him to pass FOCA without the head-on fight. If the public option remains in the bill and it covers abortion, that will have the de facto effect of repealing the Hyde Amendment. The interstate nature of ObamaCare and the public plan may also allow the Department of Justice to fight state abortion restrictions, such as parental notification, on the grounds that the regulations interfere with interstate commerce. It’s FOCA by other means.

From Stop the Abortion Mandate’s press release:

Stop the Abortion Mandate coalition is urging its members to contact their elected officials, attend Townhall meetings to ask if their representative supports taxpayer funded abortion and make their voices heard on this important issue. …

Other supposedly Christian groups are attempting to speak for all Christians and pro-lifers and are including President Obama in their propaganda to Americans. One such group is holding a national webcast this evening to promote the healthcare bill, taxpayer funded abortion included.

“Don’t be fooled by double speak and rhetoric,” said David Bereit, national director of 40 Days for Life and a member of STAM. “No true pro-life or Christian group would be support a bill that mandates abortion.”

With Lofgren’s statement on abortion coverage in ObamaCare, it’s difficult to see how faith-based communities can act in faith to support a government takeover of the health-care system. As STAM says, call your elected representatives to register your opposition, but also take the time to ask these leaders of faith communities to explain their positions, because it looks as though they have a different agenda in allying with the White House for this plan.

Update: The NRLC explains how HR3200 enables government funding of abortions, even apart from Lofgren’s rather clear statement above.