Blue Dog Dem: Cap-and-trade "worst piece of legislation" he's seen

Dan Boren must be getting used to making enemies on his own side of the aisle.  After the Democratic Congressman publicly opposed Card Check, the SEIU offered a rational rebuttal — by claiming that Boren wants people to die in unsafe factories.  After Boren’s latest remarks on cap-and-trade, expect Democratic Party special interests to accuse him of wanting to boil the oceans:

The cap-and-trade climate bill before Congress is the “worst piece of legislation” in recent years, one centrist Democratic lawmaker said Monday.

“The cap and trade bill is really the worst piece of legislation I’ve seen since I’ve been there,” Rep. Dan Boren (D-Okla.) told the Tulsa Metro Chamber of Commerce. “It raises energy prices on businesses, raises electric bills on families, and it even raises gasoline prices in the middle of a recession. And, it makes America less competitive in the global economy.”

Boren was one of 44 House Democrats to vote against the American Clean Energy and Security Act, crafted by Reps. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) and Ed Markey (D-Mass.), in a razor-thin vote last month.

Of course, Boren isn’t the only one on Capitol Hill with that opinion of cap-and-trade.  Senate Democrats postponed consideration of the bill until after the August recess in hopes of generating more support for it in the upper chamber.  Enthusiasm for the bill broke down on regional and partisan lines, and even Barbara Boxer couldn’t pretend that they could get the bill to a floor vote, let alone passage.

Boren didn’t stop at cap-and-trade, either.  While he didn’t express the same level of revulsion over the House proposal on ObamaCare, he didn’t sound terribly enthusiastic, either:

“We have to be very careful,” he said, as reported by the Oklahoman. “The current health insurance plan that’s been released, in my opinion, will only exacerbate the problem.”

The DNC announced that they will start running ads in Blue Dog districts to punish them for their vote on Waxman-Markey.  They may do the same for any Democratic nays on ObamaCare.  I suspect that the Oklahoman Representative may see that as a net plus after two years of Obamanomics and socialization — and may want to think now about crossing the aisle.