Burger King's latest whopper

Joe Gandelman notices an interesting new theme to Burger King’s latest promotion — and it ain’t subtlety.  Take a look at the ad itself and see if you can discern the subtext of this ad campaign:

The “Super Seven Incher” will “BLOW your mind away.”  Note, too, the shocked expression on the young woman’s face.  Does it look as though she anticipates enjoying the experience?  Joe isn’t amused:

Just when you thought the vulgarization of culture that is now worldwide due to the unifying influence of cable, the Internet and You Tube can’t get any more vulgar, Burger King proves you wrong with news of its new advertising campaign for its “Super Seven Incher Sandwich” that’s fun for journalists to report on, will get lots of buzz but would hurt the company if it was unveiled even five years ago. It leaves nothing to the imagination.

First look at the ad above. It’s almost condescending in the way it’s trying to grab young customers and assume this is how most young customers think and that they’ll approve of it. One of the puns for a journalist (or blogger) is obvious: it sucks.

As Joe notes, we’ve moved a long way from “Have it your way.”  Now we have PornoBurger.  What’s next, a celebrity endorsement from Ron Jeremy?

Burger King had plenty of help in putting this fiasco together, as Gawker (link NSFW) points out:

[J]ust look what the ad wizards over there have come up with now to stop BK’s bleeding! I mean, what better way to sell oblong meat sandwiches than by suggesting fellatio?! How did they ever think of that? Just look at all that piping hot beef laden with creamy mayo aligned perfectly with the open mouth of a wide-eyed blonde, sitting just above the line “It’ll Blow Your Mind Away.” Who doesn’t want to run on down to BK for one of those right now? For benefit of those of you who don’t “get it,” this is what’s known as “branding” in the industry. Or something.

Great job, guys — and I’m pretty sure I’m safe in assuming that the originators of this campaign were men.  The model in the pic suggests that they were men more familiar with blow-up dolls than real women, too.  How many moms will make the choice to go to Burger King after this?  Or will they opt for the more friendly atmosphere at McDonalds, Wendy’s, and other fast-food options?

Update: From the comments, it appears that BK is only running this ad overseas — although it’s entirely in English.  It’s still disgusting.

Update II: Of course, if it’s for overseas, why does it have the dollar sign for the price?