Video: The Public Plan Deception

The guys at Verum Serum strike again with this new video of Democrats and their think-tank allies talking about the real goal of the “public plan” in ObamaCare, the new health plan getting rolled out in Congress this month.  The White House says the plan will “keep private insurers honest,” but it seems the dishonesty comes from the Oval Office and Capitol Hill:

The people who designed this approach were very honest about it, as you can see in the above video.  None of them talk about “keeping private insurers honest”; instead, they’re openly scornful of private insurance and want to rid us of them as soon as they are politically able to do so.  The one couldn’t even bring himself to call the public plan a Trojan Horse, so obvious is its intent.

The entire premise of the public plan, as designed by its originators, was to crowd out the private insurers by undercutting them on price.  After all, the government can take losses on the plan for as long as they need to drive everyone else out of the market.  Once that process completes, voila! Single-payer remains as the only option.

Time to get on the phones and start telling your Senators and Congressment to vote no on the public plan.  We will start next week on The Ed Morrissey Show.  Get ready for some activism.