Video: Code Pink lunatics beclown themselves at Rumsfeld's arrival

I’m not sure what would be the most amusing part of this video from the nutroots-fringe group Democracy Now!, which apparently defines democracy as “the state in which one yells louder in someone’s face than anyone else. Is it the the screeching of “War Criminal” by the two activists, one of whom is Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin? Is it the ludicrous allegation that Rummy killed “millions of Iraqis”? (Even the Lancet study wasn’t that bad.)

For my money, it’s the subtler moment of the woman pretending to be a news anchor, announcing this with, “Video has emerged …”  Of course it emerged.  You took it!

Actually, I think Tommy Christopher picks the best moment:

My favorite part is when the first one says “I wish I had some handcuffs!”

Really? The only thing standing between you and slappin’ the cuffs on Rummy is a missed shopping trip to Spencer Gifts?

This kind of thing annoys me, because it makes all liberals look stupid. Code Pink has become such a joke, even liberal politicians are calling them out.

Actually, you’ll notice that both morons protestors take care not to touch Rummy, especially not to slap some handcuffs on him.  Had they been that stupid, they would have been spending their money on attorneys, court dates, and perhaps emergency-room bills.