Video: Planned Parenthood covers up statutory rape ... again

The Mona Lisa Project exposed two Indiana abortion clinics last year that covered up reportable felonies and illegally told underage minors to cross state lines for their abortions. At the time, Lila Rose told us that more Planned Parenthood violations would come to light from her undercover work last summer. Today, another shoe drops, but this time in Tucson, where a nurse advises what she thinks is a 15-year-old patient to keep an abusive relationship from the court:

As their press release explains, this violates Arizona law, in which sexual relations between an adult and a minor less than 16 years of age is a felony and must be reported by medical personnel.  Not only does the nurse not explain this to the girl, she tells both the patient and her friend to mislead the court when applying for a judicial bypass in order to keep her parents equally in the dark about both the abortion and the abuse.  That violates the Arizona statute, and also might qualify as a conspiracy to obstruct justice just on the basis of this video alone.

Nor is this the first time that Planned Parenthood has done this in Arizona:

In 2002, an Arizona judge found the abortion provider negligent for failing to report the sexual abuse of a 13-year-old girl by her 23-year-old foster brother, who brought her to a Phoenix-area clinic for an abortion in 1998. After Planned Parenthood kept silent about the abuse, the sexual relationship continued and led to a second abortion six months later.

In Indiana, the Attorney General began criminal investigations into the practices of Planned Parenthood after the Mona Lisa Project published their two films.  Will Arizona follow suit?  Given that AG Terry Goddard will deliver the keynote address today at a Planned Parenthood event, it seems doubtful — unless Arizonans demand it.  Contact them politely and ask them whether Goddard’s appearance at a PP event is appropriate under these circumstances, and ask them to start at investigation immediately into their practices.