Monsters of State

That may sound like a football team, but it may better describe a State Department headed by Hillary Clinton with Samantha Power working as a liaison to Barack Obama.  According to reports, Obama will announce just that combination today, putting together his chief opponent over the last two years with an adviser who famously described her as a “monster”.  But which of the two present the bigger danger?

Samantha Power, the Harvard professor who was forced to resign from Barack Obama’s presidential campaign last spring after calling Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton “a monster,” is now advising the president-elect on transition matters relating to the State Department — which Clinton is slated to head.

Power is listed on Obama’s transition Web site as part of the team reviewing national security agencies. Her duties, according to the site, will be to “ensure that senior appointees have the information necessary to complete the confirmation process, lead their departments, and begin implementing signature policy initiatives immediately after they are sworn in.”

In short, she is part of a team that is likely to work directly with Clinton, a potentially awkward situation for the two women. Obama is expected to officially announce Clinton as his choice for secretary of state after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Earlier, I wrote that the Scowcroftian direction of Obama’s foreign-policy choices represented a change in direction from his campaign rhetoric, and a welcome development. Power’s inclusion on the team represents something very different, and a threat to Israel. Let’s recall Power’s ideas about Israel:

As I noted in early October, this clip has some remarkable insight into Power and her foreign-policy direction. First, she adopts the same conspiratorial thinking about the Jews in the US, as if we’d have no better reason to ally ourselves with a Western-style democracy in the Middle East.   Power then suggests that the West should stage a massive occupation of Israel to neutralize the IDF in favor of groups like Hamas as a policy to settle the Middle East conflict.

Sounds great … for the terrorists.

Obama didn’t kick Power off his team over these remarks.  He bounced her for calling Hillary a “monster”.  If Power gives any indication of Obama’s foreign policy direction, then Hillary won’t be the only one.