Video: The obligatory "Obama Youth" fraternity

I’ve been flooded with e-mails to start a thread on the video of the so-called Obama Youth fraternity, and never let it be said that I kept Hot Air readers from a forum that will undoubtedly pile up hundreds of comments. I don’t consider this anywhere near as egregious as Sing for Change, but your mileage may vary:

There is some difference between having 5-12 year olds singing about Barack Obama and this group, which appears old enough to start forming their own opinions on politics. The quasi-military marching disturbs some, but as Jonah Goldberg notes, there is a tradition of this in black fraternities. The mindless chant of Barack Obama’s health-care slogans are less disturbing than comical, at least to me.

The Sing for Change video was clearly more of an exploitation of children for political indoctrination on behalf of the parents involved. The health-care cadence at least discussed policy specifics in the midst of the hero worship. The Sing for Change video makes Obama a demi-god to whom children should sing hosannas, and is much more creepy.